How can we help?

Can I leave the bike or other rented item(s) with my hotel/villa reception?

Your holiday time is precious and we fully understand that in certain situations you are not able to meet us at the return date/time of your rented item(s) .

You can leave the rented item(s) and the motorbike keys with the hotel or villa reception, and notify us about this prior to handing them over your rented item(s). We strongly advice you to take a full set of pictures of the condition of the rented item(s) and sent them to us.

Do I need an International License?

Note that in Bali all foreign tourists are required to have an International Drivers Permit (IDP) also know as an International Drivers License while driving or riding any type of motorized vehicle.

You do need and IDP besides your original home country license. In most countries an IDP is issued easily. In case you did not bring your IDP you can have one issued fast and secure online through our partnership with the International Drivers Association.

Click the link below to check out the options they have available for you:
Get your International Drivers License fast and secure

If you are in Bali you can choose the digital version only. If you are still at home you can opt to have the booklet version + the digital version.

Do you deliver at the airport ?

Yes, we provide a free delivery and pickup service from Ngurah Rai International and Domestic Airport.

Just provide us your flight number and arrival time, and we will be awaiting you in the arrivals area with a call-sign with your name, next to the information desk. From there we will guide you to your rented vehicle(s) in the parking area.

Airport returns are also possible, we agree to a time and we meet you in the motorbike parking entrance.

I want a bigger bike..

We as Bali Bike Rental, focus on motorbikes between the range of 110-150 CC. These bikes navigate easy trough the Bali traffic, and don't have many restrictions in terms of licenses.

If you  want a bigger capacity motorbike, we recommend you to book from our sister company; Bali Big Bike, you will be in good hands !

They have a wide selection of bigger bikes in their fleet such as Yamaha Nmax 155CC, Honda PCX 155CC, SYM GTS 250CC, Suzuki Burgman 250CC and Kawasaki Pulsar 200CC.


Honda PCX 155 CC


Yamaha Nmax 155 CC

Kawasaki Pulsar 155 CC


Suzuki Burgman 200 CC



I went out for drinks and took a taxi home, how do I get my bike back ?

Smart choice to not drive your bike back!

Just give us a call or contact us via e-mail or chat, and we will locate your bike and deliver it to you for a $35 fee.

Should I tip your staff ?

While we greatly appreciate the gesture, this is absolutely not necessary and actually our staff are not allowed to take cash.

We would greatly appreciate if instead you leave your review about our services on TripadvisorGoogle+ or TrustedShops

Are you a blogger? Great and why not write about  your experiences with on your blog. If you like we can even post your blog on our website as we have done for other bloggers already:

What does your insurance cover? its Premium Motorbike Insurance covers the motorbike you have rented with us against theft and all damages to the motorbike with an excess of $95. Our Terms and conditions apply.

If a damage is lower than $ 95 and can be fixed within 1 day we charge the actual cost + an administration fee of $ 15 to your deposit. its  Motorbike Insurance does not cover third party liability or healthcare costs, we strongly advise you  take travel insurance which covers these.

Can I store my luggage?

Yes! We provide lockerboxes in our Kerobokan office. Our lockers are ground mountede and under 24/7/365 CCTV Surveillance and recording. The dimensions are 930mm (height) x 382mm (width) x 500mm (depth).

You will be provided a waterproof RFID armband which you can use to lock and open your lockerbox.


You can book here.

Can I store large items such as surf boards?

No, we only provide lockers with dimensions  930mm (height) x 382mm (width) x 500mm (depth).


Can you pickup and deliver my luggage?

No. If you want to use our luggage storage facility you will have to bring and store it by yourself in our lockerbox facility as we want to ensure that only YOU has access to this.

Can I pay in Indonesian Rupiah ?
Yes, we accept payments in Indonesian Rupiah, but only by credit/debit card and bank/ATM transfer. We do not accept cash payments under any circumstances.
Can I pay with cash ?

We do not accept any form of cash payments. At we prefer to work with secure online payments .

They are safe, reliable and accountable for both parties to work with. Online payments  do provide us confirmation  regarding the identity of our customers and in return they always receive accurate payment statuses as well.

How long will it take before I get my deposit back ?

We aim to initiate the refund within 24 hours of your departure.

In case we find any issues with your rented item(s), like damages or missing items, we will inform you by e-mail.

Creditcard deposit refunds

Please note that it can take up to 10 days to reflect on your creditcard statement. 

You will receive the funds from a refund in your account approximately 5–10 business days after the date on which the refund was initiated. (This is an aspect of how the banking system works.) 

We always sent an e-mail confirmation once a deposit is refunded.

Note that refunds may appear in the form of a reversal. In the case of a reversal, the original payment will drop off of your bank statement, and a separate credit is not issued.


Paypal deposit refunds

Paypal deposits will be received back instantly after we initiate the refund

Is it safe to pay by credit card?

Yes this is very safe.

We are using PCI Compliant credit card gateways powered by world renowned providers and None of our staff can see your credit card details because they are safely stored in the PCI Compliant credit card vaults by our providers and transferred using encrypted SSL connections.

For each transaction you do with us you will receive an automatic receipt by e-mail.



Which $ are your prices quoted in ?

We quote and charge in United States Dollars

Why do I have to pay a deposit ?

Our complete fleet exists of brand new motorbikes and the bikes carry a high value. We guarantee each customer that they will receive a motorbike or scooter in a new condition.

For this reason, we need to ask for a deposit as in case of any damages lower than the insurance excess, we need to be able to pay these.

How far can I drive on a full tank of petrol

When fully filled up with Petrol all our bikes can run at least 150 kilometers.

What if I don’t top-up the petrol before the return of the bike ?

This is no problem, we will do this for you instead. Do note that we will withhold $ 5 from your refundable deposit.

Which type of petrol should I use in the motorbike and where should I buy it ?

Preferably you buy “Premium” or Ron91 at any Pertamina Petrol Station around Bali.

Lately, a new concept is introduced in Bali, called "PertaMini". You can find them on a lot of roadside shops.


Alternatively you can use any roadside vendors who sell petrol in Vodka bottles (Yes that’s right). They charge a slightly higher price for the convenience but generally the petrol they sell is of similar quality as at Pertamina.


Can I get discount ?

Our booking system automatically applies discounts to rentals for more than 1 week and more than 1 month. Discounts can also be discussed if you rent more than 3 bikes within the same booking. Just give us a call or contact us via e-mail or chat


Is the delivery and pickup really free ?

Our free delivery and pick up service covers  the  most popular  touristic areas of Bali such as Seminyak, Kuta,Legian,Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa, Sanur, Tanah Lot, Canggu and Ubud  We are happy to deliver  your rented motorbike or scooter to more remote locations on Bali  for a zone-based fee.

Why are your prices higher compared to the commonly found street vendors renting out motorbikes as well?

Providing the best possible quality and highly reliable services with a true commitment to excel in offering safety around the clock and from all angles ‘comes at a price’ so to speak. offers you:

  • accurate motorbike delivery and pickup services

  • 24.7.365 road side assistance team

  • English speaking staff to communicate with

  • Brand new and safe motorbikes and scooters that are vigorously checked on 19 points before delivery

  • A secure online booking environment which we take full accountability for and so on.

Compare this to any other motorbike rental company on Bali and what they actually offer you for your money spent. Thats right, and for that reason we are 100% sure that at we do after all offer the most competitive scooter and motorbike rental rates on Bali.

Can I cancel my booking ?

According to our terms and conditions this is not allowed, however if you added our  Cancellation Insurance to your order, we can refund the full amount, minus the charges for the Cancellation Insurance.

If you have not taken the Cancellation Insurance package prior, or within 24 hours after the booking was made, and want to cancel, the cost for the Cancellation Insurance will be charged 200%.


Can I change my dates after I booked ?

Yes, pending stock availability a change of dates can be made without any charges.

How to get an International Driving License

Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?

Issued through state and territory motoring clubs. To obtain an International Driving Permit, please contact the relevant IDP authority in your state:

 Documents required
-Hold a valid Australian Drivers Licence (either provisional or full licence)
-Attach a copy of your valid Australian Drivers Licence (front and back)
-Provide a recent (no more than two years old) passport sized photograph, similar size to your passport, no larger than 3.5cm x 4.5cm. (Please note for the photo to be valid it needs to be on photographic paper)
-Complete this International Driving Permit application form

$39 AUD

-Visiting your local NRMA office where it can be issued over the counter whilst you wait.
-Simply complete the International Driving Permit application form and post it to NRMA

Expected time
3-7 working days

1 year



Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
Die Führerscheinstelle des Wohnorts (Landratsamt oder Stadtverwaltung)

Documents required
-1 biometrisches Lichtbild (§ 5 PassV) in der Größe von 35 x 45 mm, im Hochformat, ohne Rand
-Nationaler Kartenführerschein
-Personalausweis oder Reisepass

You need a national drivers licence in the creditcard format first (not the old paper one, if not you need to get the new format first (or at the same time)

Between 20-24 Euros

Apply online or visit one of the offices

Expected time
3-7 working days

3 years



Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
Application for the International Driver’s License can be made to the licensing authority having jurisdiction over the area in which the holder of the Driver’s License ordinarily resides or carries on business, along with relevant documents.

Documents required
-Form 4A (Application Form for International Driving Permit) available in the office/download from website.
-Form 1A (Medical Certificate) available in the office/download from website.
-Valid Driving License.
-Valid proof of Indian National.
-Valid Passport.
-Valid Visa (where applicable).
-Three copies of recent passport size photographs.

-Driving License (attested copy)
-Residence Proof (attested copy)
-Age Proof (attested copy)
-Citizenship Proof (attested copy)

Remember to bring the originals of the documents whose attested copies are enclosed.

500 Rupee

You will have to visit with all the required documents to the District Transport Office in your region. After you submit all your documents along with the specified fees, the officials will verify your particulars and if you are clear on all your documents then you will be issued an International Driver’s License.

Expected time
You will be given a date on which you need to go to District Transport Office to collect your International Driver’s License. It is generally issued to the applicant within 7 working days.

The maximum time for disposal is of 30 working days

1 year



Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
Can be obtained from Automobile Association of Malaysia, but It can also be obtained nationwide from JPJ

Documents required
-Application Form (obtainable at AAM)

-2 photocopy of IC/passport

-2 color passport size photographs

-Current Driving License (must be valid throughout the IDP period)

RM 150 for members and RM 180 for non members

Fill in given form and apply at the local office

Expected time
1 working day

1 year



Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
Applying for the international license in the Netherlands can be done at all ANWB stores in the country

Documents required
-A valid Dutch license
-A recent passport sized picture

Members pay 17.95 Euro and non-members 18.95 Euro.

Visit one of the many ANWB stores and apply for the license over there

Expected time
1 working day

1 year

Call: (088) 269 22 22

New Zealand

Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
Applying at AA, or can be done online :
You can apply through the online application form.

Documents required
-Your current New Zealand driver's license (please note: old New Zealand paper licenses are not accepted)
-A recent passport-sized photograph taken with a plain background. You can have a passport photo taken at an AA Centre - AA Members receive a discount


An IDP can only be issued to a full license holder who is over 18 years of age. It is not available for commercial use. Most countries allow use of an IDP for a maximum of 12 months.

You must also carry your current New Zealand's driver's license with you when you travel. For security reasons we recommend your IDP and New Zealand driver license are kept separately when travelling.

Expected time
3-5 working days


1 year



Where to apply?
AA @ GB Point

(Next to Blk 69 Food Centre, formerly the site of Mandarin Theatre)

535 Kallang Bahru
#01-08 GB Point
Singapore 339351

 Click here to view map. 

 Mon to Fri: 8.30am – 5.30pm, last submission at 5.15pm

Sat: 8.30am – 1pm, last submission at 12.45pm

(Not open on Sundays and Public Holidays)


AA @ 51 AMK

(Next to AMK Hub, above McDonalds and S11 coffeeshop)

 51 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
#02-02 [email protected]
Singapore 569922

Click here to view map.

Daily: 10am – 10pm, last submission at 9.45pm

 Documents required
-A copy of your Singapore driving licence (front and back).
-A copy of your NRIC (front and back) for Singaporeans.
-A copy of employment pass/FIN Card (front and back) for foreigners.
-Color passport photograph of the IDP applicant

  • Taken within last 2 years

  • JPG format, file size no larger than 200 KB

  • Image resolution is sharp and clear

  • Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm

  • Taken full face

Printed on high quality paper at high resolution with a matte or semi-matte finish with no ink mark or crease.


Apply at the AA offices or online

Expected time
8-10 working days

1 year


United Kingdom

Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
At the AA or RAC

Documents required
-Recent passport-size photo(s) signed on the back
-A photocopy (not original) of your complete UK driving license, including photo card if applying by post
-A photocopy of the page from your passport with your photo and identification details


Send a filled out form via the mail via one of the two mentioned companies

Expected time
Up to 10 working days

1 year


United States

Click here if you already are in Bali

Where to apply?
The National Automobile Club or at AAA

Documents required
-Completed, signed application
-Two (2) color passport-sized photographs (please visit the website below for photo requirements)
-Signed photocopy of the front and back of your U.S. driver’s license
Payment (check, money order, or credit card) - Checks made payable to: National Automobile Club


Mailing all needed documents to either one of the company

Expected time
5-9 business days

1 year