Blog: Rent a car on Bali?

Thinking about renting a car on Bali? Here are some things to consider before you rent a vehicle.

1. Parking

Some restaurants and hotels have personnel to assist you to find a parking spot or driving in and out, but in general car parking is a challenge on Bali. Even at popular beaches the parking space for cars is very limited. The narrow roads and bike minded road planning of the Balinese just leave little room for cars. Be prepared to take some walks to and from your car.

2. A hired driver

If you can afford it, hiring a driver is actually a great idea and it will solve most parking problems: your driver can drop you off, wait somewhere else and pick you up again. Keep in mind though that you'll have to wait until your driver is able to reach you. This may take some time and communication can be difficult. On the other hand, a hired driver may be able to show you around as well.

3. Traffic jams

Bali is a small island and the touristic area's are always busy. If you would like to get around Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Ubud or other popular area's, the roads are quite narrow and they're always crowded with people. Bike drivers get through, but cars are mostly standing still and waiting until it is their turn to pass a main road. The infrastructure on Bali isn't designed with cars in mind, unfortunately.

4. Accessibility

There are many small paths on the islands of Indonesia, but they can lead to the most wonderful things. Temples, rice fields, astonishing views. You would need to park your car and walk the paths while most people just continue on their motorbike. We advice you to bring enough sun screen and maybe a sun umbrella would also be nice for the walks.


Although possible, it is not recommended to rent a car in Bali. It you're still not sure you can read some stories of people who have rented cars on Bali on TripAdvisor. Renting a bike will give you a much richer and carefree experience while spending your time on Bali. 

Renting a scooter or motorbike

It is relatively cheap, you can go anywhere whenever you like and it is the quickest way around Bali. Do pay attention to the quality of the vehicles, insurance options and if the rental shop has clear Terms & Conditions. Bali Bike Rental is now part of Bikago and we guarantee you a hassle-free, quality and fun experience.

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