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We are your trusted Motorbike and Scooter Rental company on Bali, Indonesia. Secure and online booking of your motorbike or scooter to explore beautiful Bali in a safe, secure and convenient way!

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Bali Island - Paradise on Earth… It's True!

Bali, also known as the island of Gods, is both magical and mythical. This Indonesia’s island is a perfect destination for tourists. It is famous for its stunning tropical beaches, volcanic lakes, spectacular rice terraces, ancient temples and palaces, amazing coral reefs, unsurpassed architecture, elaborate religious festivals, exotic flowers and colorful Balinese culture.

Bali Island offers world-class surfing and diving sites, a great number of cultural historical and archeological attractions and an enormous range of hotels, villas and resorts, it is not without reason that Bali is one of the most popular island destinations for tourists from all over the world. That’s also the reason why Bali consistently wins travel awards from various magazines and organizations.

It’s incredible that Bali has about 20000 temples of which each single one of them holds at least 2 elaborate festivals a year. This means that all holiday-makers have a great chance to experience that deeply spiritual and unique Hindu culture feeling and simply have lots of fun as well.

Transportation on Bali

Getting around Bali 'free-and-easy' using alternative transportation methods is generally speaking not that easy. There are loads of taxis and “bemos” (chartered vehicles with drivers) available on Bali, that's not the problem. You should take into consideration that there is almost always the D-tour to the commission paying Souvenir Shop and the same counts for the Restaurant referrals you get from your (taxi) driver which are commisionable to him as well most of the time. If you dare you can try to go by public transport / buses or minibuses, but the latter are usually crowded and you will have to stick to a 'schedule' which isn’t reliable nor convenient and can even ruin collecting beautiful impressions and sceneries from your vacation time.

The best choice for seeing the true spirit of Bali is actually by a rented motorbike or scooter. It is the fastest and the most comfortable way of seeing around. You can discover Bali on your rented motorbike or scooter to visit almost any place. Parks, temples, beaches, rice fields or any other attraction conveniently and really see a lot of Bali in just a few days. To really make the most out of your precious holiday time on Bali hiring a motorbike or a scooter gives you the freedom to enjoy your time on Bali to the max.