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Street Smart Package

Street Smart Package

1 Day: US$19.95  

The Yamaha R15 is the latest addition to our fleet of new motorbikes and scooters. A super cool and good looking 150cc clutch gear bike related to the renowned R type family from Yamaha. This bike lets you zoom around Bali in style and without the need for a big bike licence. It comes packed with add-ons just like all the other packages we offer!

1 Day: US$19.95  
1 Week: US$109.50  
8 Days: US$125.50  
9 Days: US$137.50  
10 Days: US$149.50  
11 Days: US$161.50  
12 Days: US$173.50  
13 Days: US$185.50  
2 Weeks: US$185.50  
15 Days: US$196.50  
16 Days: US$207.50  
17 Days: US$218.50  
18 Days: US$229.50  
19 Days: US$241.50  
20 Days: US$252.50  
3 Weeks: US$252.50  
22 Days: US$263.50  
23 Days: US$274.50  
24 Days: US$285.50  
25 Days: US$296.50  
26 Days: US$299.50  
27 Days: US$299.50  
28 Days: US$299.50  
29 Days: US$299.50  
1 Month: US$299.50  

Minimum Period: 2 Days
Maximum Period: 3 Months

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