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The Wanderer’s Guide to Safe Scooter and Motorbike rental while travelling around Bali

Indonesia, in particular Bali, is without a doubt an exceptional place for any traveller to visit. Beyond the high-energy nightlife and exquisite beaches, lie nooks of luxury in between a very humble way of life. A trip to Bali will afford you a life-changing experience that can seldom be matched in the Western world but in the same breath, savvy travellers should prepare and educate themselves in order to get the best experience out of their visit. 

Discovering Bali on a Motorcycle

Discovering Bali on a Motorcycle

We had such a great Down Under Tour on Bali on our rented motorcycle that I decided to write a short story about it for Bali Bike Rental to post on their website. I hope that whomever reads this will find it useful!

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