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Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist

Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist

If you have arrived in Bali already, without your home country license and/or without your International Driving License, we can help you to get an official Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist (SIM C)


Our service consists of:
- Our English speaking staff will accompany you trough the 3 counters at the Police stations with VIP treatment (no queues)
- Legal Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist ( SIM C)
- License is valid for 1 month for tourist

You will have to bring: 

- Your passport

- Your home-country license


This premium process offered exclusively by BaliBikeRental.com means it only takes about 15 minutes up to maximum 1 hour against the normal procedure which takes at least 2 to 3 hours and involves various tests and waiting at queues (for finger printing, payment, photo, etc).

Depending on how busy it is at the police station the regular procedure can take up to a full day. You will have to come to the police station on your own behalf, and we will bring the motorbike you rent with us there. Once the Police has issued the license to you, you can ride away on the motorbike. This license is issued by the Police in Denpasar. Licenses can be issued from Monday to Friday, not in the weekend.

For foreigners it's mandatory to either carry a driving license from your home country, along with an International Driving License. It's usually very easy to prepare for this while you are still in your home country and you can find more information about this process on our Help Center.