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Besides just renting out scooters on Bali we offer amazing add-ons that will fully complement your exciting adventure. Enjoy WiFi coverage everywhere on the island, GoPro Helmets, Premium Bike Insurance and a variety of other nifty accessories to explore one of the most incredible places in the world in a fun, safe and very affordable way.

  • 4G Pocket WiFi

    4G Pocket WiFi

    1 Day: US$6.95  

    If staying connected and fast browsing is important to you but ridiculous roaming charges are not... this is your deal! Experience 4G speeds all over Bali to enjoy streaming your music, Skype calls, social network updates and using Google Maps or Waze to navigate worry free over Bali using your smart-phone. You can connect up to 10! devices simultaneously and even with multiple devices connected the browsing speed will amaze you. With this pocket WiFi device you enjoy Extensive Network Coverage and Super fast 4G speeds. With our fair use policy of 1.5 GB (1500 MB) per day you dont have to worry about getting disconnected. You don't need to change your sim card so your own phone number stays online! We deliver and collect the Pocket WiFi for free to your hotel, villa or the airport.

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  • Hard case for Motorbike

    Hard case for Motorbike

    1 Day: US$1.50  

    Lockable Top Case that holds a Full Face Helmet & Gloves. In addition this is a very handy accessory to put your belongings in that need to stay dry and/or safe such as your camera or video equipment. The Top Case is easy to access by using the Quick Release SHAD and GIVI Press Lock. A really handy add-on all round! Holds 1 helmet Plastic construction Capacity: 39 liters Dimensions: 18.8" L x 16.3" W x 12.7" H Max load: 6.6 lbs Empty weight: 8.8 lbs

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  • Side Mount Surfrack

    Side Mount Surfrack

    1 Day: US$0.50  

    Add this surf rack so you will be able to bring your surfboard to all those amazing surf spots that Bali has to offer. Please do note it is NOT compatible with the Side Bags.

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  • Cancellation Insurance

    Cancellation Insurance

    1 Day: US$0.50  

    In the unfortunate even that you have to cancel your booking for any reason, we will refund your booking fees, minus the cancellation insurance fees, at first request. As easy as that !

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  • Lockerbox storage Bali

    Luggage storage

    1 Day: US$3.50  

    Looking for a safe and dry place to store your luggage in Bali? We provide a safe place to store your luggage in our offices.

    Our lockers are ground mounted in our office and under 24/7/365 CCTV Surveillance. The dimensions are 930mm (height) x 382mm (width) x 500mm (depth).

    You will get a personal RFID armband so only you can unlock the locker.

    Our locations are conveniently in Kerobokan (Seminyak) or in Nusa Dua, only 5 minutes from the Airport.

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  • Premium Power Bank 9,000 mAh

    Premium Power Bank 9,000 mAh

    1 Day: US$0.75  

    This Powerbank features Premium Li-ion battery cells. By selecting this add-on you’re adding an extra 9,000 mAh to the battery life of your smartphone, tablet, Pocket WiFi and even your digital camera. The Power Bank is compatible with all popular smartphones.

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  • First Aid Kit

    First Aid Kit

    You never know what will happen and we hope that your time on our bikes will be safe, secure and accident free at all times. However in the unfortunate event something goes wrong you will find the Bali Bike Rental Emergency Medical Kit properly sealed within your helmet compartment. With an abundance of high quality, internationally ISO approved items such as:

    - Bandages, Plasters, Scissor, Sanitary Gloves
    - Sterile water, Betadine, Alochol swabs, Sodium Chlorine Solution
    - Paracetamol. Durex Condom, ProComfortt Tampon

    and various other items usable to treat minor injuries in a sterile matter while being on the road. Even in the case of minor injuries such as surface scratches always seek professional medical attention.

    PLEASE NOTE: A fully equiped medical kit is provided with every bike Free-Of-Charge. In the unfortunate case you will have to use it is available to you. IMPORTANT: If you return the medical kit sealed and unused as we deliver it to you there is no charge. If you return the medical kit with the seal is broken you will be charged $14.95.

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  • OFF! Mosquito Repellent

    OFF! Mosquito Repellent


    Originally developed for the United States Army DEET is the active ingredient found in many mosquito, fly, and tick repellents. Especially in hot and humid climates like Bali is where OFF! Active® repellent comes in-handy. It provides a long lasting sweat-resistant protection to keep these biting insects away. YOUR BENEFITS: 1. Highest Protection against biting flies, gnats and no-see-ums, plus mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile, Malaria and Dengue Virus. 2. Resists sweat and perspiration. 3. Aerosol spray allows for even coating. Comes in a 6 oz. size. 5. Formulated with 15% DEET will provide up to 6 hours of protection against mosquitoes.

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  • BioWear Eco Poncho

    BioWear Eco Poncho


    The BaliBikeRental.com Biowear Eco Poncho is lightweight yet durable, windproof, waterproof, and most importantly, 100% eco-friendly. The answer to the most frequently asked question is that this poncho will not melt under the sun or in the helmet compartment or fall apart / disintegrate after one of two rainfalls. Actually, it will easily stand up to an entire rain season on Bali easily. Of course, like any other traditional poncho the same rule applies: the better you treat it, the longer it will last. Once you decide to discard your Biowear Eco Poncho, it will be degraded in about a year becoming a source of protein for the eco-system.

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  • Nivea Sunscreen

    Nivea Sunscreen


    Make sure you don't leave home without it on Bali. During your Holiday make sure you apply Sunscreen generously. Preferably every two hours on sunny days and especially between 12:00 and 4:00 PM. Without a doubt having Sunscreen around is a MUST! With the wind blowing in your face and over your arms and legs you wont notice sunburn until its too late. Make sure you don't get the false impression your sun tan is working out just fine to find yourself coming back with heavy sunburn! For just an additional $ 12.95 we will make sure you get a fresh (yes, sunscreen is perishable), SPF 30 pocket size Sunscreen tube from a reputable brand (Nivea, Piz Buin, Banana Boat) delivered together with your motorbike.

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  • Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist

    Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist


    If you have arrived in Bali already, without your home country license and/or without your International Driving License, we can help you to get an official Indonesian Motorbike Driving License for Tourist (SIM C)

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